We see sports teams and pro athletes endorsing it, but what is the real deal and why are these athletes loving it? Worldwide we saw WADA remove CBD from its banned substance list allowing pro athletes to start experimenting with it and we don’t need to tell you how many of them are swearing by it.

CBD for maintaining and supporting athletic performance

In sports, whether you are a pro athlete or just training at the gym, we are always looking for the latest supplements to help support muscle exertion and maintain top level fitness standards on a daily basis. Our Athletix CBD Oil has been specially formulated with the highest level Broad Spectrum CBD as well as a bunch of other added ingredients which help bolster the effects of CBD and enhance recovery.


Sports Teams onboard the CBD train

USA triathlon – The national governing body for triathlon will become the first organization of its type to sign a deal with a company that sells products containing cannabidiol.

UFC – Aurora Cannabis is teaming up with the UFC to lead a team researching CBD as an effective treatment for pain, inflammation, wound-healing, and recovery.

Athletes raging about CBD

From MMA to NFL athletes and coaches are loving CBD. Here are just a few famous sports players among different sports using CBD and some are swearing by it to help support their bodies in retirement.

Jim Miller – UFC Fighter
Nate Diaz – MMA fighter Nate Diaz
Matt Fraser – CrossFit
Derrick Morgan – NFL player
Ryan VandenBussche – Retired NHL player
David Ahrens, 60, retired NFL
Riley Cote, 36, retired NHL
Rob Gronkowski – NFL player
Darrion Caldwell – MMA and UFC fighter
Sergio Pettis – MMA and UFC fighter
Gordon Ryan – submission grappler
Mickey Gall – MMA and UFC fighter
Bubba Watson – PGA Tour Golfer

Who better to follow then these pro-athletes who clearly know what they are doing. If you think you want to try adding some CBD as a supplement to your fitness regime make sure you find a reputable company like Athletix.


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