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For the Everyday Athlete

Athletix is the first broad spectrum CBD Oil product to hit the UK market that focuses on helping everyday athletes improve performance and recovery time. By combining the highest grade CBD oil with a proprietary mixture organic olive oil and other nutritional supplements, we have created a high quality performance enhancement product for athletes of all skill and experience levels.

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Product Description

So how are we different? We use the finest broad spectrum CBD oil which contains all the great benefits of CBD but exclude THC which gets you high. This curated formulation took 22 months of testing to put together. By using the highest grade CBD and other active ingredients which compliment the effects of the CBD you’ll be getting the most efficacious product on the market.

Athletix Product Formula: per Bottle
  • 500 mg Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

  • 31 g Organic Olive Oil

  • 240 mg Magnesium-L-Aspartate (aids sleep)

  • 233 mg L-Glutamine (cell growth)

  • 167 mg B-Alanine (reduces fatigue)

  • 20 mg Zinc-L-Aspartate (immune health)

  • 7 mg Vitamin B6 (enhances mood)

  • 3 ml Peppermint Oil

  • 750 mg Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

  • 46 g Organic Olive Oil

  • 360 mg Magnesium-L-Aspartate (aids sleep)

  • 350 mg L-Glutamine (cell growth)

  • 250 mg B-Alanine (reduces fatigue)

  • 30 mg Zinc-L-Aspartate (immune health)

  • 10 mg Vitamin B6 (enhances mood)

  • 4 ml Peppermint Oil

Take Athletix to:
  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Improve Focus and Mood

  • Get a better nights Sleep

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Aid Athletic Recovery

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound that can be extracted from hemp and cannabis plants to be used for nutritional, medical, and therapeutic purposes. CBD can help athletes increase their overall health and performance by fighting inflammation in the body and alleviating pain, and creating balance in the body.

CBD oil can also be used to aid sleep, help injury recovery, improve concentration and reduce anxiety.

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Performance Benefits

CBD Oil is an incredibly useful option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, spasms, and other conditions that come as a result of athletic training and performance. Athletes who take CBD as a once a day will be able to train longer and harder as their body will be better equipped for recovery.

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Broad Spectrum

Athletix CBD Oil is the most progressive athletic supplement on the market. It contains the highest level of broad spectrum CBD oil for the lowest price. As athletes of all ages and sizes begin to participate in the CBD Revolution, we will be able to formulate Athletix at even higher levels of CBD to accommodate athletes with greater needs for pain management.

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Focus the Mind

We all know the strains modern day life can have on your mind. Sleepless nights, anxiety, dips in energy. Athletix CBD Oil will help maintain your energy levels, improve your sleep and put you in the right mindset to perform at your best.

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