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"I am living proof that CBD works."

- David Wells

Former NY Yankees Pitcher as told to Fox Sports

What is Athletix?

About Athletix - Athletix is a lifestyle supplement for athletes looking to improve post workout recovery and athletic performance by utilizing high concentration of whole plant hemp based broad spectrum CBD oil to fight pain and inflammation in the body along with five other top supplements known for aiding in athletic recovery and performance.

How We Got Started

Pain, lots and lots of pain and the need to get rid of it without opioids, NSAIDS or Acetomenaphin. It took 22 months working with multiple labs around the USA to formulate Athletix at the level and quality of CBD that we believed was necessary to improve athlete's performance. Athletes around the USA participated in multiple tests reporting back on their experience and the results were really exciting. Not only can athletes recover faster while on Athletix, they also reported a complete removal of pain in their daily lives.

CBD Oil's Importance to Athletes

Greater Needs

Athletix CBD Oil is the most progressive athletic supplement on the market. It contains the highest level of broad spectrum CBD oil for the lowest price. As athletes of all ages and sizes begin to participate in the CBD Revolution, we will be able to formulate Athletix at even higher levels of CBD to accommodate athletes with greater needs for pain management.

Further Progress

Managing pain is the most important element in being an athlete. Athletix is now the solution for managing pain in a way that is so effective that the NFL and NBA are conducting studies on it right now.

Over the counter

Many athletes take over the counter pain medication for injuries for muscle soreness. The truth about the effects of NSAIDs is that it does little to help with inflammation in muscles at the same time creating problems within the small intestine over long periods of use. Being an athlete has traditionally held the mantra, "No Pain, No Gain". Which is true, performance means micro tears in your muscles but that delayed onset muscle soreness--that stiff walk pain we all know and love, doesn't have to hurt so much anymore. As we cycle through our seasons and training schedules and weekly interval training, we now have the option of utilizing CBD as a tool for combating muscle spasms and soreness.

The "go to"

Cortisone shots, the "go to" option for when injury strikes, is a synthetic steroid similar to your body's natural version that reduces inflammation and relieves pain. It's a great short term intervention, but it does nothing to correct muscle imbalances, biomechanics, or whatever else might be the actual issue. In fact cortisone shots into joints actually results in cartilage loss. Multiple injections into the joint will attack the soft tissue, wear away cartilage break down the collagen framework and weaken tendons, so that they can no longer handle transmitting the load of the muscle to the joint. Only one cortisone shot per year is recommended, for a solution that lasts only six weeks to a few months, depending upon your physiology. CBD fights pain and inflammation in the body.

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