CBD helps with sleep

Quick Tips to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Have long sleepless nights been effecting your mood and productivity the next day? Is your lack of consistent sleep stopping you from feeling rested in the morning? If so, you may be one of the 35% of adults who suffer from insomnia or one of 67% of people suffering from disrupted sleep. That’s huge! Only 23% of people manage around 5 hours a night.

A lack of sleep can affect all areas of your life, leaving you lethargic and miserable the next day. There are a number of things you can try to help you get to sleep including:

Having a regular bedtime

Irregular bedtimes are particularly unhelpful for insomniacs. Having a bedtime routine that involves going to bed at the same time every night can help to program your brain and body into knowing when it is time to sleep.

Try CBD Oil

With some medical research showing CBD oil success stories, there is evidence that CBD oil can help create a state of increased relaxation and calmness. As a result, it can help aid a deeper and longer sleep. CBD has been shown to increase the levels of serotonin being produced in the brain which leads to increased relaxation and anxiety relief – two major factors effecting sleep quality.

A common misconception…

Many people wrongly assume that taking CBD can lead to drowsiness and fatigue, but this is a common misconception. CBD can actually help boost your energy levels by allowing your body to recover more fully and prime you for strenuous activity. Many describe the effect of taking CBD not as a feeling of drowsiness, but as a sense of calmness (yes there is a difference between the two).

Using Athletix CBD Oil before bed and as part of a daily routine can increase this sense of calmness and in turn aid sleep. This is especially important if you are an active person on and off the field and require a good nights sleep to help recover, focus and perform at your best.

Athletix CBD oil is specifically formulated to blend broad spectrum CBD oil with a proprietary blend of vitamins and nutrients that promote restful sleep and recovery –

Cut down on caffeine and other stimulants

Coffee, tea, chocolate and cola all contain caffeine that can interfere with the process of falling asleep. Instead of a caffeinated drink, a warm, milky drink or herbal tea can help you to fall asleep.

Winding down before bed

Winding down before going to bed is critical for preparing for good night sleep. A warm bath will help your body to relax, as will relaxation exercises such as yoga, mindfulness or meditation. Reading a book or listening to the radio can help relax your mind by distracting it from any thoughts of the day.

Ensure your bedroom is sleep-friendly

Your bedroom should be somewhere you find relaxing and calm. The bedroom should be somewhere you go to sleep. The use of TV’s and other electronic gadgets, light, and noise should be kept to a minimum in the bedroom. The room should be dark, quiet, and at an ambient temperature of between 18C and 24C for optimal sleep conditions. A mattress that is too hard or too soft can make a night of restful sleep difficult. It is recommended that we change our mattresses every eight years. If you are struggling to get comfortable at bedtime, a new mattress may help you to fall asleep.

An emphasis on improved nutrition and sleep friendly habits along with a daily CBD supplement will greatly improve the quality of your nights and have you primed and ready to take on whatever the next day brings.

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