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The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is the number one way you can combat stress. Through the media, Americans are bombarded daily regarding the benefits of exercise on the brain, for the heart, for every aspect of your life from social interactions to creating more quality sleep cycles…regular exercise is not just for the type A competitor but for everyone who seeks to improve health and well being.

Top Injuries for Athletes

The top 11 injuries an athlete sustains are: knee injuries, specifically, sprained ankles, Patellofemoral Syndrome, shoulder injuries, tennis or golf elbow or “Tommy John”, Hamstring Strain, Sciatica, shin splints, groin pull, concussion, ACL tear, and hip flexor strains. These injuries and more can be addressed and alleviated by Athletix CBD oil.

Injury Prevention with Athletix

Athletix CBD oil is a lifestyle supplement for people who participate in athletic activity and need to support muscle health and alleviate pain on a daily basis. Athletix was specifically formulated for athletes to help combat sports related injuries in the course of training and competition as well as prolong the athletes ability to perform on a daily basis and throughout their lives. Our motto, to “Sport Longer” is not just about in your daily routine but as a sustainable solution for health for the rest of your life. We help you move higher, faster and stronger at 20 and keep you surfing the waves at 82. Athletix was created for the passionate athlete who consciously makes a lifestyle choice of exercise, whether it be as a professional athlete, collegiate athlete, amateur racer or a daily walker, we are a broad spectrum solution for athletic needs.

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